The Story

When I met Captain Johnny Johnson he told me that he had spent tens of thousands of dollars marketing and advertising the Gloucester Charter Connection. Unfortunately, his ROI was horrible and his website was generating very few inquiries.

Finding his website at Google was nearly impossible. Other bluefin tuna charter companies in Gloucester were showing up at Google above his website and he is one of the most respected “high catch” giant bluefin tuna charter captains in the world! The Gloucester Charter Connection website wasn’t even ranking on page one at Google.

It took some work but today the Gloucester Charter Connection is top-ranked at Google for more than a dozen high-value keyword phrases.

I wish I could tell you the $$ sales this creates, but like the best places to fish for bluefin tuna off the coast of Gloucester, this too will remain a secret.

Today the Gloucester Charter Connection website gets inquiries year-round and almost daily during the fishing season, in part due to the top rankings at Google (see below). To quote Captain Johnny, “I can’t keep up with the phone calls.”

Are you having trouble getting your website top-ranked at Google or is it the proverbial “needle in the haystack?”

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