Favorite Tools – Website Hosting Monitoring

Wouldn’t it be nice to know if your website is down? Trust me, your hosting company isn’t going to give you a phone call when it happens.

I can’t guarantee that everyone who comes to your website will become a customer, but those that do try to visit your website and it is NOT available are surely LESS LIKELY to become a new customer. A poor first impression of your company and a lost sales opportunity are two good reasons to consider a website/hosting monitoring service.

Status Cake offers free limited website hosting monitoring and tests at 5 minute intervals. If it finds your website is unavailable it will send you an email for free. The only problem with that is that your email might be down too, right? SMS text messaging alerts are available for a small fee (50 for $15) or you can earn SMS alert credits by LIKING their Facebook page, tweeting about them at Twitter, and posting something to your Google+ page. https://www.statuscake.com/

Chris Jaeger
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International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals

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