Facebook “shares” are a form of ENGAGEMENT, the three Facebook engagements being:

  • Like
  • Comment
  • Share

Each of these engagements are a good thing.


A share is a VERY good thing.

It means someone liked your content enough to “share” it with their friends or a specific person.

In the first example below, Lillian Azevedo shared the Facebook post with her friend Amanda Lopes.

Lillian wanted Amanda to see the post about hot tubs so she “shared” the post with her Facebook friend using the SHARE option. 

Note that the post is an actual “sponsored” advertisement. ThermoSpas Hot Tub was paying to advertise at Facebook.

It’s great news when an advertisement starts getting shares and it improves the ROI on a particular advertising campaign.

What happens next?

Because of the share, Facebook will now notify Amanda that her friend Lillian wants her to see something, and provide a link to the post. In this case an advertisement for hot tubs.

Amanda clicks on the link, visits the ThermoSpas Hot Tub website, and buys a hot tub.

In the second example below, 119 people shared a boosted Facebook post.

In other words, 119 people told their friends about this post. The boosted post has a “Learn More” button that links to a landing page at the website where people can make an online inquiry to get more information. 90% of this company’s new business comes from the Internet.

Action Steps

  1. Look at your Facebook business feed specifically for SHARES.
  2. Post more content that is interesting and most likely to get “shared.”
  3. Monitor your shared content using Facebook Insights (third screen capture below).