The right graphic combined with the right message, and targeted to the right audience, is more likely to get engagement and BETTER RESULTS when using Facebook advertising.

Sounds simple, and it is. Or it should be.

Unfortunately, based on what I see, too many people miss one of these critical elements – or all of them.

Here is an example of a home run (below).

Just after this boosted post went live it quickly was getting engagement, in this example a SHARE.

Based on my experience, and most Internet marketing experts agree, shares are the most important type of engagement you can get at Facebook. It means someone is sharing your post with one of their friends because they want their friend to know about it.

Most Internet marketing people believe a share is the ultimate engagement at Facebook and has the most impact on the visibility algorithm.

There were three other engagements within 10 minutes of this boosted post going live.

There are three types of “engagement” at Facebook:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares

The more engagement you get for your post the more organic free reach you will get. That’s how the Facebook algorithm works.

In addition to the eye-catching graphic, note that I’ve used CAPS and the website link in the first three lines of the post.

This was done to work around the Facebook “See More” problem and makes sure people can see the link before the “… See More” button.

If you want better results from Facebook, and any advertising you are doing at Facebook, remember…

  • A GREAT eye-catching and appropriate graphic
  • The right message
  • Link back to your website
  • Avoid the “see more” issue
  • Use targeting when boosting or advertising


Here is another boosted post. $226 spend that drove 1,069 website visits.