250x250-facebook-003The key to USING A FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE EFFECTIVELY is to create valuable content that people will…

  • Read
  • Find valuable
  • Like
  • Comment
  • Share

In order for any of these things to occur you MUST CREATE CONTENT that your Facebook followers find VALUABLE.

Below you will find a great example of VALUABLE content from a destination wedding planning company called Our Costa Rica Wedding (http://ourcostaricawedding.com). As you might guess, the company specializes in wedding packages to Costa Rica.

In one of their recent Facebook posts they provided AIRFARES TO COSTA RICA with the question “Thinking about a last minute elopement?”

This meets the first two criteria above and not surprisingly quickly got four Facebook “likes.”

Why is this a great Facebook post?

  • It is interesting content
  • It communicates “we are here to help you”
  • It communicates expertise

The only thing MISSING IN THIS POST is a link back to their website.