* Excerpts from my upcoming book “1000 Things Every Business Owner & Manager Should Know About Internet Marketing.”

[EMAIL Marketing] [101] – EMAIL Marketing is “Push” Marketing

There are many different variables in a comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategy and arguably the most powerful is EMAIL marketing. Why? The answer is that EMAIL marketing is “push” marketing. Unlike your website, blog, or Facebook page, email marketing allows you to PUSH your message to your subscribers when you want to. The power of push marketing with email is virtually unmatched by any other online marketing technique.

[EMAIL Marketing] [101] – Trust, Expertise, Relationships, and Influence

Email marketing allows you to build trust, promote your expertise, and helps you establish relationships with new potential customers as well as nurture relationships with existing customers. Email marketing also allows you to extend your online influence, which is an important part of your overall Internet marketing strategy.

[EMAIL Marketing] [101] – Building Your Subscription Base is Critical

Building a subscription base, getting more people to subscribe to your email newsletter, is the most important part of any email marketing strategy. Without readers you won’t see much of a return-on-investment for your efforts.

[EMAIL Marketing] [101] – EMAIL Service Providers (ESP)

In most cases, it is NOT a good idea to try and manage your email production and distribution yourself – using your own server or using your regular email account. The better option is to use an email service provider like Constant Contact, MailChimp, or My Emma. There are many reputable email service providers that provide this valuable service for a very reasonable monthly fee.

[EMAIL Marketing] [101] – Subscriber Management on Auto-pilot

Allowing people to self-manage their subscriptions to your e-newsletter is very important. Email Service Providers allow subscription management to be put on autopilot. People can self-subscribe and self-unsubscribe, without a manual and time-consuming task being put on you or your staff.