Millions of people use Gmail. You can send and receive email from your business domain using the “fetch” option. You don’t have to use <name> You can use <name>

I love Gmail for a lot of reasons. It very effectively deals with all the junk mail I get and it is super easy to search my email archives. I have some email messages from 5 or 6 years ago! On top of that, it’s stable, works across multiple platforms (pc, smartphone, tablet), and it’s free.

If you’re a Gmail user you may not have known that you can search your email messages very easily using a variety of different commands from the Gmail search box (at the top of Gmail). Here are some of my favorites.

  • is:unread
  • has:attachment
  • in:spam
  • has:blue-star
  • older_than
Better still, you can combine commands to narrow your search! For example: is:unread older_than:365d (unread, older than 365 days).

For a complete list of Gmail shortcuts visit this Google Gmail support page.