If you use WordPress you should have a profile picture associated with your blog posts. It add a touch of professionalism and people like to buy from people (do not use an image or illustration).

Your author information, including picture, would show up on all posts that you create and publish, typically at the bottom of the post. Your WordPress theme determines this location.

If you have a WORDPRESS.COM account, and have set an author image there, also known as an “avatar,” it may pull your WORDPRESS.COM image into the WordPress theme your website uses IF YOUR USER profile in your website uses the same email address as you used with your WORDPRESS.COM account (see: https://en.gravatar.com/).

An alternative and easy way to customize your profile or “author” image is to use a WordPress plugin.

One of the most popular WordPress plugins to customize your WordPress profile picture is called Custom User Profile Photo.

You’ll find it in the WordPress Repository at this link: