New Year Domain Registration Checklist

It’s a new year and a good time to do a basic review of some administrative tasks associated with your DOMAIN REGISTRATION.

What should you do?

Review your domain registrations and their expiration dates with your current domain REGISTRAR.

Review your domain registration CONTACT INFORMATION; correct mailing address, correct phone number, correct email contact information.

Email contact information is particularly important as a domain registrar is NOT likely to call you on the phone or send you a reminder via the regular mail that your domain registration is soon to expire.

If a domain registration expires and your website becomes unavailable, or you lose a domain registration after the 30-day “grace” period, it’s ALL ON YOU.

Make sure you have your domain registrar information readily available. This includes knowing your domain REGISTRAR (it may be different than your website hosting company), how to contact them by PHONE if necessary, your account number and in most cases a security pin. Know and document your registrar’s account/dashboard login and password.

I do not use Go Daddy for website hosting, and actually do NOT recommend that anyone use Go Daddy for website hosting, but I do use them for DOMAIN REGISTRATIONS.

I also do not use the “make my domain registration information PRIVATE” option most registrars offer. Some even charge extra for it.

Action Items

Identify your domain registration REGISTRAR.

Review your domain registration information. Update as necessary.

Document your domain registrar contact information. What is their primary support phone number? What is your account number, dashboard login and password, and security PIN.

You might keep this information in a digital notepad like Evernote, or a password app like LastPass so that it is readily available.


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