Another important part of your do-it-yourself search engine optimization strategy is the development of inbound links – links from OTHER websites that point to your website.

These are hard to get and the best way to get them, in my opinion, is to exchange links with other wedding professionals you work with. Also make sure you have links from any professional associations you belong to, from the local chamber of commerce to any wedding industry associations where you are a member.

For the maximum value these inbound links should be from thematically similar websites, which is why exchanging links with other wedding vendors you know and/or have worked with works so well.

Example of Thematically Similar Inbound Links (for a wedding caterer)

Wedding Officiant to Wedding Caterer – Great!
Wedding Venue to Wedding Caterer – Great!
Auto Repair Shop to Wedding Caterer – Not as valuable.

Why are inbound links so important? Because Google sees and uses them as a “vote of confidence” for your website. They also create RELEVANCY (which was discussed earlier this week). Think of it as a popularity contest. The more inbound links you have from similarly themed websites, maybe websites that are highly ranked themselves, the more “link juice” or “ranking value” you get for YOUR website.

POWER TIP: How to Get More Inbound Links: Make a business card you give ONLY to other wedding vendors. On the back of it, put instructions indicating you would like to exchange links and “How to Link Exchange with Us.”