Yesterday I talked about creating RELEVANCY, which I believe is the #1 ranking factor at Google. Relevancy is created using keywords and keyword phrases that you put on your website/pages for Google to see. The most relevant pages that match the search performed is what Google is looking for, and then ranks highly.

Unfortunately, a lot of people I’ve talked to, who are doing search engine optimization themselves, fail before they start.
Because they don’t take 30-45 minutes to create a targeted keyword list.
A search engine optimization program is doomed from the start without a targeted keyword list. I call it SOP-SEO (seat-of-pants search engine optimization) and it doesn’t work.
What keyword phrases do you want to rank for? What keyword phrases will you integrate into your search engine optimization strategy?
Here’s how to create a keyword phrase list:
(1) Get a blank piece of paper out (or digitally use a tool like
(2) Put down every possible keyword phrase you’d like to show up for at Google.
(3) Review your list and pick 5-6 keyword phrases you MUST show up for. This is your A-list.
(4) From your big list choose an additional 6 to 10 keyword phrases that you would like to show up top ranked for. This is your B-list.
That’s it – start with these! That’s right, no more than 10-12 keyword phrases in total – and prioritized with your most important 5-6 up front.
Once you’ve ranked for your A-list, then move to your B-list.
Choosing more than 5 to 6 keyword phrases to get top ranked for is like trying to boil the ocean.
Trust me, use this approach and I guarantee you’ll be less frustrated and get the results you want much faster.
Need some help? Post your A-List to my private Facebook group this week and I’ll give you my two cents!

Tomorrow: DIY-SEO continues with “keyword density” (and examples)