Chunking your website content, blog content, email newsletter content, and social post content, makes it easier for people to read and comprehend. It makes it easier to read on mobile devices and leads to better conversion.

It creates a better user-experience and that should always be on the top of your list of things to do when it comes to Internet marketing.

Try to keep your content in paragraphis with 4 to 7 sentences.

Here’s a great example of how someone did it in one of the e-newsletters I read regularly. Like most people, I read my email on my smartphone or tablet first, not my desktop.

This short paragraph “chunked” content makes it super easy to read on my mobile devices, thereby making it more user-friendly and creating a positive email newsletter experience.

Bullets are another way to make important information stand out which increases readability and comprehension.

Action Item

Review your content and look for opportunities to make it easier ot read. Where you can, use bulleted items to draw attention to important information people should know about your company.


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