350MM iPad/iPhone Users Still Don’t See FLASH

Did you know that Apple has sold over 350 MILLION iPads, iPhones, and iPods? Did you know that NONE OF THEM see FLASH? I hope your answer is: “Yes, I know that, Chris!” Next question: “Are you using Flash at your website or blog?” If you are, 350+ MILLION people can’t see it and most likely getting this ugly message that tells them to download it – but they actually can’t download anything that fixes the problem. It can’t be fixed.

Find Something Online… and Read It Later

Today I’m sharing a link to a very cool app that is perfect if you find something online but don’t have the time to read it right now (or, if you’re like me you shouldn’t be reading it right now because you have other things to do!). It might be a web page, a blog post, or even a video.

Google Analytics Shows Real-time Traffic

A lot has changed with Google Analytics over the past several months. If you think Google Analytics was complicated in the past, buckle your seat belt because there are more tools, more features, and a lot more things to figure out, use, and configure – if you...

Facebook Power Tips – Pinning a Post

Did you know you can “pin” a post on your Facebook business page so that it always appears at the TOP of your timeline? Yes, you can. This is a new feature of the Facebook Timeline format. It’s simple to do and here’s how you do it.

Facebook Timeline Cover Redo

Below you’ll find a before and after Facebook Timeline Cover graphic.  It’s only a small change, I’d call it “tweak,” but it  punches up a basic graphic by adding a tag-line and award. Facebook Timeline Cover guidelines don’t allow...
Pinterest Statistics

Pinterest Statistics

Pinterest has taken the Internet by storm with millions of people “pinning” everything from pictures of their pets to their favorite recipes. What I find interesting and equally important is that Pinterest “boards” are now showing up in the Google search engine results pages.