Google Tools

Google Tools

Millions of people use Google products everyday. From Google search to Gmail, there are dozens of tools Google has created to make your online experience more productive.

Have You Claimed Your Local Google Listing?

Google Places is now called Google+ Local. It’s where you can create, edit, and manage your Google Places – I mean Google+ Local – listing. Yikes, this is all changing so fast! Yes, it is confusing. Google+ Local is a VERY important part of your overall online visibility. It’s also part of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

How To Get Your Website Top Ranked at Google

How do you get your website top ranked with Google? Get what I call “Google Love.” Google actually ranks PAGES it finds on the Internet, although most people just think of it as website ranking. Here’s a great overview of how Google Search works, straight from the horse’s mouth!

Google Webmaster Tools

Each weekday I post a quick, easy-to-do Internet marketing tip. It’s something that you can easily do and won’t take much time at all. Today: Google Webmaster Tools.