ISPs May Block Your Legitimate Email Newsletters

Imagine that someone visits your website, likes what they see, and then subscribes to your email list to learn more about what you do or take advantage of a special offer. They even confirm their subscription using your opt-in process, an email marketing best practice. But then, they never receive your email newsletters! Here’s a common reason why.

EMAIL Marketing Pre-Send Checklist

I thought I’d pass along the email marketing checklist that I use AFTER a message is created but BEFORE it is queued up and sent. I created this and have used it for some time now. It helps me make sure the email newsletters I produce for my clients look great, are top-notch professional presentations, leave a good impression on the reader, and get great CONVERSION. Using a checklist virtually eliminates any mistakes that can have an immediate and negative impact on the people reading your email newsletter.

EMAIL Marketing Basics

EMAIL marketing is arguably the most powerful way to reach your audience, build your influence, promote your expertise, and improve your conversion. Here are a few excerpts from my upcoming book “1000 Things Every Business Owner & Manager Should Know About Internet Marketing”