WordPress Security Basics

More than 30% of the websites you see online use WordPress as the back-end. This makes it a huge target for hackers. Hackers don’t necessarily look for popular websites to attack, they look for easy targets.Here are some WordPress Security Basics that will help you...

Conversion Basics

If you want more inquiries from your website, or better “conversion,” you must have a strategy and use Internet marketing BEST PRACTICES.

SEO and Google My Business

Did you know that using Google My Business is a part of getting your website top-ranked at Google? Now you might be saying; “Chris, what does Google My Business have to do with search engine optimization (SEO)?” The answer is EVERYTHING!

Facebook “Shares”

Facebook “shares” are a form of ENGAGEMENT and a good thing. It means people are interacting with your content and brand. Here’s an example of that happening.

Everyone LOVES a Story

One of my favorite business books is Building a Story Brand.Everyone loves a story and the author Donald Miller has some valuable insight into how to communicate the story behind your business brand.This past weekend I saw an advertisement in my Instagram feed, it...

Common Internet Marketing Myths

I am not exaggerating when I say that 95% of what you read about Internet marketing online is either wrong, misleading, or not the full story. Unfortunately, bad advice leads to wasting time and money (and lost sales to a competitor).