People often contact me looking for the “magic bullet” for turning website visitors into inquiries.

The conversation usually goes something like this.

“Chris, we launched a new and what we thought would be an improved website three months ago but we really aren’t seeing better results. Inquiries have actually gone down with the new website and we are not sure why?”

Website inquiries are a form of CONVERSION. There are many things that lead to better conversion including website design, marketing message (MARCOM), and even the images and typography you use. The source of your traffic is also a very important factor.

Another key factor in getting more inquiries from your website is how effectively you use “call-to-action.”

Optimizing the use of call-to-action (CTA) at your website, and throughout your Internet marketing, is an Internet Marketing Best Practice.

Sidenote: Think of a CTA at your website as a signpost. Imagine you are on vacation, driving around in a town you’ve had on your bucket list for years. Everything is great, you are enjoying your visit, you’ve seen a few things you wanted to see, except now you’re not exactly sure what to do next. A street sign is not only an advertisement, but it is effectively a call-to-action.

If you want more inquiries from your website, take a look at opportunities for improving your call-to-action.

One place I often see a call-to-action missing is at the bottom of a web page. It’s a natural place to look for the NEXT THING TO DO if I just read your testimonials page or frequently asked questions page.

If I like what I read and it looks like you have a solution to a problem I am trying to solve, maybe you’ve integrated some social proof showing that you have other happy customers, I am highly likely to be ready for the next step!

The bottom of virtually any page at your website is a tipping point. What you put there can be the difference between getting an inquiry or someone leaving your website.

Don’t make me go fish for your contact option, put it right there in front of me – maybe even the inquiry form itself, but at least an impossible-to-miss link to it!

A call-to-action should also be at the bottom of all of your BLOG POSTS. Blogging is a powerful way to promote your expertise and generate inquiries. It’s also part of a successful SEO strategy. It’s a shame and missed opportunity when I see a great blog post and no call-to-action option at the bottom!

When creating a CTA use links within your text in addition to colorful eye-catching graphics throughout your website. Don’t overdo it, but don’t be shy about it either!

A call-to-action is also very effective when used in your social media posts. Use CTA to drive traffic to your website or maybe even directly to an inquiry form at your website.