There are three reasons why you might buy domains other than your main website domain.

But first, let’s get something cleared up immediately; repointing or “forwarding” domains has absolutely NO SEO VALUE.

Buying domains and thinking you’ll get better search engine rankings and positioning because of “redirecting” them is not a good strategy – because it does not work.

Anyone who tells you it does have SEO value is not your friend.

In my opinion, there are ONLY three reasons to buy extra domains, they are:

  1. You are going to use them at some point
  2. You don’t want someone else to get it and use it
  3. You are speculating and will resell them to someone who may want a domain that you own

Example #1 – I’m Going to Use It at Some Point

I recently registered the domain because a friend wants to start a power washing business in Volusia County, Florida (Daytona Beach). I’m willing to finance the project, create the website, and get the website top-ranked at Google. This probably won’t launch until 2023 or 2024. I bought the domain because I am planning on using it for a website at some point in the not too distant future.

Example #2 – I Don’t Want Someone Else to Get It or Use It

Even though I primarily use CHRISJAEGER.COM I didn’t want someone to register and use CHRISJAEGERCONSULTING.COM. Easy enough. The domain registration is less than $12/year.

Reason #3 – Speculation (for Resale)

Years ago I bought CATALINAMARKETING.COM. It was sort of a fluke. I ended up selling it for a serious (I mean SERIOUS) profit. I have about 100 domains that I hope someday do the same thing, including RAPIDBACKPAINRELIEF.COM and one a pharmaceutical company would LOVE LOVE LOVE as a new drug name! If this sells, I’m retiring early! Stay tuned!

My favorite domain registrar is Google Domains (

I don’t use Go Daddy anymore and don’t recommend you do either – for domain registration or any other services.

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