Let’s Talk About Conversion

Conversion is getting someone to do what you want them to do, typically when they visit your website, view your social media stream, or read one of your blog posts. Offline it might be responding to a post card or other type of mailing or advertisement.

The ultimate conversion is a NEW SALE, but several conversions may take place before that occurs. Over the next several issues of the Book More Weddings Tip of the Day I’m going to share best practices related to conversion.

Today, we’ll start with CONVERSION POINTS, specifically your contact or inquiry form. How easily can I find the contact form at your website? Is it just a link in your main navigation (not good), or are you putting it in front of people pretty much everywhere throughout your website (good). Also referred to as a “call-to-action,” links, buttons, and graphics that LEAD a visiting bride and groom to your contact form are the first block in what I call the “conversion stack.”

Take a look at your website today. Do you make is ridiculously easy to get to your contact form? You might even put your contact form at the bottom of the most visited pages at your website, like your FAQ page or your Applause page.
Chris Jaeger
Founder & Executive Director
International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals