This week and next the topic is SALES…

Why People Buy

“People do things for their reasons, not yours.” – Zig Ziglar

I love sales and I consider myself a life-long learner. You’ll find that books about sales make up the majority of my library.

One of my favorite books is “People Buy You,’ by Jeff Blount. At under 200 pages, it’s an easy and powerful read. Even if you’re a seasoned sales pro, it will reinforce what you already understand. Remember, “repetition is the Mother of all learning.”

The underlying fundamentals of a successful business are powered by your ability to listen, understand, and then solve the problems of your customers. In a word: relationships!

You can grab an audio copy of “People Buy You” for free with the free trial over at Audible.

Print or Kindle is available here.

“People Buy You” will be the first book we read in a new Virtual Book Club that starts October 18th. Details will be announced next week.

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