Blogging Basics

As I mentioned Wednesday, blogging can give you a huge competitive advantage and simultaneously position you as an expert in your category and geographical marketplace. It also is an important part of your search engine optimization strategy. Blogging takes a significant amount of time to do properly, but it’s absolutely worth it.

To see GREAT results you should write a blog post once a week. Your blog posts should ideally be at least 250 words, although I’ve written blog posts with fewer. Some may be shorter, some longer. Google likes to see 250-600 words on a page.

Topics might include:

** New employee hire
** Long-time employee recognition
** Charitable work your company does
** Recent testimonials (with pictures!)
** Pictures from a recent event (lots of these!)
** Helpful information that shows your expertise
** Stories (everyone loves stories!)

Just like with social media, avoid blogging about politics or religion.

Here’s a great example of an active blog, which I know first hand delivers great results (Google SEO rankings, more website traffic, more inquiries, more sales).