#1 – You’ll Want High-Quality Hosting for Your WordPress Website

Hosting your WordPress business website with a reputable hosting company that offers business-class hosting is an Internet Marketing Best Practice. It also makes it a lot less likely that it will get hacked or otherwise compromised.

I would NOT recommend Go Daddy or Hostgator for business website hosting. I’ve personally had horrible experiences with both, experiences that cost me time, money, increased blood pressure, and hair loss!

High-quality support should always be available from your WordPress hosting company by phone, although online chat support is becoming more common. I use online chat support all the time and it works well for me, but I’m in front of my computer 90% of the day!

Keep all of your hosting account information readily available. This usually includes a support phone number, account number, password, security PIN, or maybe the last 4 digits of the credit card on file.

Good WordPress hosting companies all have some form of security confirmation and won’t talk to you or anyone you have helping you without this type of authentication or verification.

I personally use and would highly recommend SiteGround for reliable, secure WordPress hosting with EXCELLENT support.


[    ] Choose a high-quality, reputable hosting company for your business website

[    ] High-quality support should always be available by phone, 24x7x365

[    ] Keep your hosting account information readily available, including security authentication information. I use the Evernote digital notepad. https://evernote.com

[    ] Looking for a new hosting company for your business website? Take a look at SiteGround. https://siteground.com