How would you like to get better results from your website?

How would you like to get more inquiries?

If you answered “FOR SURE” then take a look at the MARKETING MESSAGE at your website this week, particularly your home page (but other pages are important too!).

For the most part, your page copy, or marketing message, should clearly communicate a “what’s in it for me” message (WIIFM) – what’s in it for the people who visit your website and are interested in your company’s products and services that is.

It’s basic sales psychology that people buy ONLY after they feel a need is being fulfilled. People mostly buy based on emotion and then justify an actual buying decision with logic.

An effective marketing message at your website answers these questions:

What’s in it for me? (the bride/groom)
What have you done for others (testimonials, social proof)?
What am I going to experience?
Is it the experience I desire? Is it the outcome I want?
Can I trust you?
Why can I trust you?
What are the next steps?
If you answer these questions on your home page more of the brides and grooms who visit your website will turn into inquiries and then sales!

Alternatively, if you are NOT answering these questions you will increase your “bail out” rate – people just leave your website looking for better answers to the questions they have.

Chris Jaeger
Practical Online Marketing

(978) 325-2983