The Story

Shane McMurray is the “data guy” when it comes to wedding industry data and wedding industry statistics. In addition to being a recognized speaker in the wedding industry, he is the producer and publisher of The Wedding Report, and tracks what engaged couples spend to have a wedding.

He approached me with a project and the goal of getting more visibility and top rankings at Google when engaged couples were looking for the cost of a wedding in their marketplace.

The goal: if a couple went to Google and typed in: what is the average cost of a wedding <in my city> he wanted his website to show up in the Top 10 results (

This is a BIG project since there are dozens of large metro areas and cities to rank for. On top of that, there are some big national brands competing for these targeted keywords. Large insurance companies, credit card companies, and popular websites like The Knot and WeddingWire. It’s almost a David & Goliath story!

After an initial consultation and recommendations, Shane made my suggested changes and updates at his website.

And Google likes what it sees!

Stay tuned as we work to get similar top positions for dozens of additional cities.

How can I help your business get better visibility and better rankings at Google?