150x150-ask-chris-01Q: Chris, we don’t get many inquiries from our website and we’re wondering if you have any ideas. The few inquiries we do get by email don’t have very good information and most people don’t even give us their phone number? What would you recommend?

A: The first thing I noticed at your site is you don’t have an inquiry form. You only have an email link (i.e. send us email at yourname@yourdomain.com). You have a phone number there too, but that’s not going to work very well, certainly not in an optimal way.

Actually, based on my experience, I can tell you that it’s hurting you and one of the reasons you are experiencing this problem.

It’s always best to have an inquiry form that people who visit your website can easily find and easily use.

With the right calls-to-action throughout your site, including at the bottom of every web page, you’ll get more people to fill out your form – in other words, better CONVERSION.

If you want MORE inquiries – use an online inquiry form.

If you want BETTER inquiries – use an online inquiry form.

Another added benefit of a form is that you can also gather the information you need to qualify your prospect. Don’t listen to the so-called Internet marketing experts who tell you people don’t like forms and won’t use them. It simply isn’t true.

Talk to your webmaster and get a form on your website ASAP. If they tell you (a) you don’t need a form or (b) it’s hard to put one on your website (or blog) – fire them immediately.

One of my favorite tools to create and manage online forms it Jot Form (http://www.jotform.com).