New at Practical Online Marketing

August 2012

Where Do Your Parked Domains Point: Make sure domains that you own but are not actively using point to where you want them to! This new client was surprised when I told them one of the domains they owned, but were not actively using, was showing Go Daddy advertisements.

EMAIL Marketing Pre-Send Checklist (download): Here’s a handy reference you can download that will help you make sure your email newsletters look great. There’s nothing worse than sending out an email newsletter that leaves your subscribers with a poor impression.

July 2012

Is Your @AOL.COM Address Hurting Your Business: In this Ask Chris Q&A a newsletter reader asked about using their @AOL.COM email address.

You’ll Like Pocket: Pocket is a cool app that allows you to save something you find online and read it later. You can read it on your PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone, or Droid.

Search Engine Optimization: What every business owner and manager should know about SEO basics. These are excerpts from my upcoming book “250 Thing Every Business Owner and Manager Should Know About Internet Marketing.”

Hosting Recommendation: Hostgator offers high-quality hosting and excellent technical support. It gets my Practical Online Marketing seal of approval.

How Fast is Your Internet Connection: Maybe you’re paying for HIGH speed but getting less than you are buying? It happens a lot. Here is how you test your Internet connection speed.

MailTab for GMAIL: This cool little app for the Mac platform will help you get to your GMAIL inbox more effectively.

How To Get Better Testimonials: These four questions will help you get absolutely fantastic testimonials that you can then use at your website, blog, in your email newsletters, and across your social media touch-points.

Getting Your Picture in Google Search Engine Results: Have you ever wondered why some people’s have their pictures showing up in a Google search engine results page (SERP)?

Real-time Traffic with Google Analytics: Who is at your website RIGHT NOW? Here’s how you can tell if you are using Google Analytics.

Should You Buy Extra Domains: There are only three reasons to buy extra domains, in my opinion. You are either going to REALLY use them, you don’t want someone else to get them, or you are thinking of reselling/speculating.