10 Things That MUST Be On Your Home Page
1) Your phone number, in three places – in your header navigation and used multiple times throughout your home page copy, including at the end of your home page copy.
2) Easy to identify and use navigation, with drop down options as necessary. Every link in your main navigation should also have link to that page in your home page copy. Always use a Prices tab even if you don’t put prices online (use an inquiry form on this page).
3) An About page that has a great story about how you started your business, why you do what you do, pictures and profiles of your staff, where you are located, and directions to your business. Most people seriously underestimate the marketing power of this page.
4) A Frequently Asked Questions page with the answers to questions that most couples ask you. It can also be used to put price ranges if you put prices on your website. I also recommend linking to this page in your email signature.
5) Design a series of calls-to-action into your home page – 3 to 5 at least. Weave them into your text. Buttons or other types of visuals should also be used.
6) Basic SEO. Your most important keywords and keywords phrases that match what a bride is searching for when looking for your particular category of services in your geographical marketplace. Ex: Wedding Ministers in Chicago, Wedding Officiants in Chicago
7) Your geographical location. Make it perfectly clear where you are located. Don’t make people have to guess or create any doubt. I see this problem far too frequently. It also helps your Google rankings – local and broad.
8) Good page title tags and description tags (SEO) which include your targeted keywords and keyword phrases and match the same in your home page copy.
9) Google Analytics website visitor tracking. Free athttp://analytics.google.com.
10) Great pictures! Not fuzzy, they don’t look like they were taken from an iPhone after having too much coffee, they are crisp and clear. Avoid stock photography whenever possible.
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