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Internet Marketing Myths

Myth #1: If You Build It They Will Come

Building a website is no guarantee of online success. If you build it, don’t assume people will find it. This is a guaranteed losing strategy. For your Internet marketing to succeed your website will need quality traffic (i.e. visitor sessions) and then convert those visitors into phone calls and online inquiries.

Myth #2: Search Engines Are All You’ll Need

It is a very common misconception, and costly mistake, to think that search engines and organic search engine positioning is all you need for online success. While a top ranked website is a very valuable asset, and it can drive a lot of qualified traffic to your website, it can take months, or years, to achieve that positioning — if you can get it at all. You’ll need a multi-pronged approach to building traffic, including buying advertising, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), integration of your offline marketing with your online marketing, blogging, social media, and of course, search engine optimization (SEO).

Myth #3: All Traffic Is Good

Not true! To get real results from your website, inquiries, phone calls, and sales, you’ll need to find and attract QUALIFIED traffic – people who are actually getting married and who are ready to purchase your products and services.

Myth #4: Hits Are A Good Measure Of Success

Wrong! If you are measuring “hits” you’re not even in the game. A “hit” is a technical term that describes activity on a hosting server. Unfortunately, most webmasters use this term casually and it is interpreted to mean you have lots of traffic. Hits are not real people. Real people who visit your website are logged as “visitor sessions.”

Myth #5: It’s Easy To Get Traffic From Search Engines

In today’s competitive marketplace it is more difficult than ever to get top ranking with Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. It is very likely going to take six to twelve months to see your website achieve a top ranked position for any competitive keyword/keyword phrase that people are searching for – and that’s only if you have SEO expertise. If your website is new it will take longer.

Myth #6: Cheap Hosting is a Good Deal

Slow loading websites are the #1 reason people leave websites. If that’s not bad enough (and it ought to be!), Google now considers page load speeds as a factor in it’s ranking algorithm. Your “cheap” hosting is probably costing you thousands of dollars in lost sales – maybe more!

Myth #7: Submitting Your Website To Search Engines Actually Works

Not true! Submitting your website to the search engines each month is USELESS. Companies or individuals that provide this service will gladly take your money and it is unlikely you’ll see any benefit. The best way to get your website indexed in the search engines is for them to find your website link at another regularly crawled, thematically-similar website. A Google Sitemap will also help you get your website indexed and crawled more effectively.

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